please pray for…
+ Our interns as their semester finishes in December. They are all in desperate job-search mode!
+ Hospital / Healthcare ministries around the world.

please pray for…
+ I have never lived in a city with so many homeless people. There is somebody begging everywhere I turn. Pray for all of them!

please pray for…
+ Our directors in Eqypt that are brainstorming and working hard to improve EMI
+ Our project team in Peru
+ A cool roommate for me
+ Interns for the Spring Semester!!!

please pray for...
+ Mike and Rob as they come BACK from Uganda
+ Simon, the guy who came to Christ at Open Door
+ The Crawford family as Alisha starts homeschooling the boys
+ Inter-office pumpkin carving contest. That we win.

please pray for...
+ Mike and Rob and the rest of the team of volunteers leaving for Uganda on Sunday!
+ The final details of our Thailand project

please pray for...
+ all the other interns that are finishing up project trips and getting well underway with design!

please pray for...
+ the homeless that we serve food to every other day with Colchester Baptist's "Open Door" program
+ the huge population of unreached people in Colchester
+ Brad's project trip to Guinea (the other girls' project)
+ productive days, filled with faith in every small task, not only the big ones!

please pray for...
+ peace with our odd passport/visa situation that we're in right now
+ clear decisions on our project trips (they might not go as planned...I'll update more later)
+ the Crawfords to find a school for their boys
+ 3 introverts living in two rooms


  1. Jordan,
    I'll pray for you (and your parents) while you are off serving God's people. Stay safe!

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