Honduras EMI Trip team members (plus others)

Our team was blessed to have two Honduran female 
Architects join us at the beginning of the trip!

Amazing style was worn by all

The civil team did the manual labor 

...with the help of kids

The site, accidentally burned before our arrival,
but made the surveyor's job easier!

A beautiful view from the property

Electrical and structural engineers

Presenting initial concepts to the ministry

We got a tour of a coffee factory! yum

 4 young female architects!! Loved it!

Final presentations to the ministry
Our team's concept of the Ministry and Educational Facility

An overview of the proposed Phase 1 of the ministry's site.

A real book I'm reading.

Aquaponic Greenhouse under construction

The backyard of our first and last night's guesthouse in Kampala

We hiked up the mountain next to our site. You can see Lake Victoria in the background!

Zoomed in...This is the site for the school and hospitality center.

Hospitality Center site with the Conference Center in the background

A typical way to buy furniture...on the side of the road next to the cows

My room at the YWAM base

The Ugandans prefer these squatty pottys to the disgusting idea of SITTING on a toilet seat.

The most interesting band formed from our EMI group. They play strictly old country/folk songs, and are comprised of an English woman, two Americans, a Chinese woman, a Scottish Man, and a Northern Irish Woman.

I got to spend some quality time with my EMI mentor from the UK :)

At first the food was alright...this meal tasted a bit like red beans and rice. 

But most of it looked like after day for lunch and dinner.

Even though the women worked so hard to cook our food...I just couldn't eat it after a while!

Luckily after our presentation we went to Kampala for a few days and ordered pizza!!

 There were monkeys in the yard!!!

The guesthouse we stayed in at YWAM Hopeland


Our team went out to a nice dinner on our last night together

Overlooking beautiful Lake Victoria

Sarah, Yao, Me

Before we caught our flight out, the Americans went to see Lake Victoria up close!


a little watercolor sketch of highwoods country park

jaywick beach

king's college

king's college

If you have a "public footpath" on your property here, anybody can walk
 through your land and you can't do a thing about it

High Woods Country Park, beautiful hills overlooking the city :)

Lays are Walkers here

Starbucks actually looks like the pictures here!

We tried out a silent disco...everyone listens to their own headphones and dances alone without talking to was great since we are all introverts.

the unbelievable view from our office

photos with the London Olympics Mascot

 BEAUTIFUL gates on Buckingham Palace

 crazy bus/underground station

 looks like some architect got a lot of land and money to play with

 I thought the light coming through the empty floor looked so pretty :)

 Alyssa was basically in heaven in London

don't know what happened to the color here, but it turned out kinda cool!

 our first cream tea! (i.e. tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam. Whether you have cream in your tea or not doesn't really doesn't even matter if you have tea or coffee with cream tea)

 the london eye at sunset
Not sure what's up with London and sculpting animals with their tongues sticking out


arriving at the train station for our first day in London!


sunday picnic at the river

St. Peter and St. Paul Lavenham Church

if you need to spend a penny, here's what it looks like

We're in England!!!

Julieta swinging from trees

 Gabby being outdoorsy

 hiking in colorado

 David hiking through rocks

here are most of my fellow interns, by location:

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