Monday, August 31, 2015

Lessons Learned

I don't know exactly what led me back to EMI. I've had a heart for missions ever since I started trips in middle school, but I didn't exactly feel a forcible pull back. I didn't have a room of doors opening and closing or a distinct path leading me straight here. I didn't have some heart-altering encounter or hear the audible voice of God sending me. I simply knew there was a need, and knew that faith without works is dead.

My time with EMI has been so much more than works, though. From my eyes, the organization has always lived up to its slogan, "designing a world of hope". It isn't about "Rebuilding the World" or "Designing the Third World". It is about providing hope for the people that we serve, and ultimately drawing both of us nearer to God.

As my year with EMI comes to a close, I have been reflecting on the many blessings that have come my way, as well as the lessons I've learned. Lessons that have come from so many directions and interactions. In different ways, all of my missionary clients have displayed great faithfulness and strength. My Mali clients, for example, just got their fourth potential piece of land taken away by the government, but feel joy because God has blessed them with even better land every time this happens. In all four African countries that I've gotten to visit, the locals who will use our buildings have shown so much hospitality and generosity, even sharing the little that they have. Although our volunteers have had diverse religious backgrounds, skill sets, ages, and nationalities, they have all managed to teach me an immense amount about collaboration, mentorship, faithful obedience, and more. I also got to learn from our interns that are fresh and aflame in their faith, with a deep love of God's beautiful Colorado creation!

Although I don't think I followed the clearest path back to EMI, I do know that it was the right path for me. Now…that path has meandered just .8 miles down the road to a new office! Starting tomorrow I will be working at the Collaborative Design Group in Colorado Springs. Even though I'm moving on, I know this won't be the last of my time with EMI. Amazing things are happening through Engineering Ministries International, and I hope to be part of it again, someday!

Thanks to everyone who supported me this year. I have greatly appreciated your selfless gifts to make this ministry possible!!!

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