Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First days as a LTV

My official title with EMI is a Long Term Volunteer. It's a fuzzy gray area between intern and staff that has not existed before in the Colorado office. This leaves me with a very loose job description that will hopefully be fine tuned over time. Until then, I am bouncing between a whole host of roles.

To start my time with EMI I am working on two really awesome projects. The first came to us last Friday from YWAMEmerge (an arm of the organization I designed a school for in Uganda). This is a very unique project for EMI, though, because the site is in Colorado Springs! YWAMEmerge has a new 5 acre farm nearby that will house several families, offices, a hydroponics greenhouse, and chicken coops. Not only will the YWAM employees benefit from fresh fruit, vegetables, and other produce, but the site will also serve to train aquaponics and chicken farming to those wanting to build similar systems in unreached people groups around the world. The farm has an existing barn that the client wants to turn into offices, so all of my interior tenant fitouts with Hughes Group are coming in handy! I also didn't think I would ever be reading books on raising poultry, but you never know what is to come with EMI!

To read more about YWAMEmerge go here:

The second project I'm working on is a more typical EMI client: a hospital in Ghana. One of our teams is headed to Peru later this week, so I will be finishing up their work while they're gone and getting a final package together for the client. The only problem so far is that the architecture portion is complete...leaving me with engineering work to do! (I will refrain from any comments about how architects are so much better at time management and getting work done that needs to get done!) Luckily one of the volunteers that went on the Ghana trip came by and tell me where to put electrical conduit. I love a volunteer that stays invested in a project beyond the trip!

Yesterday I took a big leap and got my first apartment! The unit is 1/4 of an old Victorian just 1 mile from my office! Kudos to my mom for finding it! I was worried about finding a place while living off of support, but the property manager didn't ask too many questions ;)

These are the events happening in the Springs...does it get any better than this!?