Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Review

Well, my time at eMi has come to a close... I've been avoiding writing a long emotional summary, so for now I'll just update you on the status of our project.

Although we didn't get the reports printed for the Uganda project, it is just about complete! The new spring interns will have to finish up the report and send it out to 60 Feet and it won't be long before it's built!

Below are some pictures of the project trip from someone who actually got to go... (click to enlarge)

 the kids and their existing buildings

percolation tests on our site

 where our bricks will be made!

 Ugandan village

The scope of the project was very big for us to do so quickly so some buildings were developed more than others. The masterplan was arranged so that public and private functions were separated (i.e. the kids' homes were more secluded than the public classrooms and clinic) Below is an aerial view of what our site will be like (with the existing village in white): 

housing for the kids

dining / meeting hall and surrounding classrooms

We've done the plans, but now it's up to 60 feet to raise the funds necessary to have the project built. Please consider supporting this awesome ministry: http://www.sixtyfeet.org/ and http://www.sixtyfeet.org/blog/