Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why eMi?

     Many people have asked why don't I get a paid job? Why not get IDP (internship development program) credit? Why not move to my boyfriend? Why not design something that will be famous? (besides the obvious answer to this one…) etc. etc.

     To answer these questions is quite simple: Because God has called me to eMi. He said in Philippians 2:7 that we should be like Christ who, "made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant." So in trying to imitate Him, I am giving up the things that everyone expects of me, and serving a missionary who will help the poorest of the poor. I have a lifetime ahead of me to make money for survival, but right now I have the support of over 30 donors, who were willing to give up their money to send me here so that I can do work for free. The people that benefit from our work make less than $2 a day. In fact, 2.9 billion people in this world live on less than $2 a day!! So for me, a paying job certainly isn't necessary right now. God is providing and God will continue to provide.
     Architects have the ability to change the way people live, yet so many choose to design monuments to their own egos. Architects can offer their services to design housing to people without homes, hospitals to communities without sanitary health conditions, schools where children have no place to learn, churches where congregations have no place to worship, or rehab centers with resources to teach people the skills needed to make it on their own. Architects can design efficient passive heating and cooling systems for those without electricity. They can design restrooms to replace holes covered with flies and breeding diseases. They can recommend cheaper and more effective building materials and longer lasting construction methods. They can design buildings sturdy enough to withstand hurricanes or earthquakes, saving lives and hard-earned money. They can do SO MUCH MORE with their degrees than crumpling up paper as inspiration for the next materially excessive arts center that will cost millions and only be used 3 nights a week. And there is a HUGE need out there that has only begun to be reached by organizations such as eMi. So…I am choosing to help. I know it won't help the whole world, but it's my calling as  Christian to do what I can. Maybe not long term, but for as long as the Lord asks.

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