Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keep Calm and...

You know these signs?
     Well, it didn't take me long to realize that this wasn't just a popular trend on pinterest. Apparently it comes from propaganda during WWII and the British love it. There are Keep Calm and (insert anything you can imagine here) posters all over the place!
     In addition to Keep Calm and Eat BBQ or Drink Wine posters, we got to see a lot of downtown Colchester for the first time on Friday. The eMi office is in the Colchester Baptist Church and, although it is small, it looks great! We will finally start to work on Tuesday once we're all settled into our new 'flat'. When we went to church at Colchester Baptist this morning everyone welcomed us as the new interns. It was so weird to know all of these people have been praying for and expecting us and we didn't even know about it!

interns in front of Colchester Baptist's very blue door

Colchester, Essex

    Colchester is Britain's first Roman city and also somewhat of a college town with two universities nearby. The Colchester castle was built on an old Roman fort so it's really just history on top of history here. I was expecting a much smaller town, but it was pretty large and very very busy! I think there is only one really modern building here, and it was designed by New York architect Rafael Vinoly! You can see it here.

Colchester Castle

High Street

     We are lucky enough to have awesome staff here including the director Mike and his wife Marietta and engineer Brad and his wife Alisha. We have also really enjoyed getting to know Brad and Alisha's adorable boys, who are just as sweet as can be! It's nice to have this fellow American family around when we're missing home!

Brad and Alisha's boys

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