Thursday, August 23, 2012

High Elevation Orientation

     Orientation week has been the busiest and most exciting experience I've had in a long time! It's absolutely amazing how so many people from different places and different backgrounds can bond so quickly over their interest in design and a love of Christ. It is honestly hard to believe that I haven't known the other interns for years...
     Although our schedule has been booked solid between 7am and 10pm (see below) the information we're learning and the fun activities are totally worth the there is coffee available 24/7!  Ultimate frisbee, hiking, [actually fun] team building exercises, and indoor rock climbing are definitely great ways to learn about our fellow interns, and wonderful breaks from hours of power points and discussions. Lately we've been learning about technical information that will be helpful in designing in a developing country, cues on how to act in a different culture, our individual DISC personality profiles, and our spiritual gifts!
orientation schedule

     So the DISC personality test stands for drive/challenge, influencing/relationships, steadiness/consistency, and compliance/constraints. If you can't guess... I turned out to be a S/C. Some of the words describing an S are good listener, team player, possessive, steady, understanding, and friendly. A C can be described as accurate, analytical, conscientious, careful, high standards, and systematic. Together, they make a "peacemaker" or one who cares about people and wants a steady environment that promotes security. They usually like to think through issues carefully and feel uneasy when forced to make a quick decision. Often keeping their feelings to themselves, others may not be aware of their strong beliefs. 
     Next, we took a spiritual gifts test, to determine our top 5 areas of Spiritual Gifting. Mine are... administration, giving, craftsmanship, helps, and serving.
And neeeeext, we learned about cultures in terms of Identity (individualism vs. collectivism), Shame ("face"), Degrees of Directness (Truth), Status (Hierarchy), and the value of Time. It was so interesting to put ourselves in the place of different cultures and try to imagine how easily it would be to misinterpret communications. Most of the cultures that eMi interns are visiting are considered "indirect cultures" which means that entire conversations can having a different meaning from the directness of American culture.
More to come soon...

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  1. The role of "peacemaker" fits you like a glove. Now I understand why you can't make those spur of the moment dinner decisions. Your calendar looks packed; will your time in the UK look like this too?