Wednesday, August 29, 2012

don't be jealous of my new phone ;)


  1. Cool! Is that the newest iPhone? lol Did you each buy one?

  2. Mike got them for us! the latest and greatest pay as you go phone! You didn't answer my call just now so i'll let you know we had a great day touring all the ADORABLE English towns. Of course it rained, but we ducked away from the rain at the 'tickled pink tea shop'. I finally figured out how to work the shower and got my first shower in a while....I had to give up this morning because I couldn't get it hot. Marietta (pronounced Mariette) showed us around their pretty 5 acre 'garden' and then we had Brad, Alisha and their kids over for a dinner. They have the cutest most polite awesome smart kids ever! I plan on babysitting often. Tomorrow we're doing the Myers Briggs test and I have an internship expectations interview!! eek! Wish me luck ;)